Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Project period: 2013 – current 

In May 2013 I started as a part time lecturer at the institute of Marketing and Management of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. I lecture entrepreneurship and strategic management to undergraduates. I also assist the lecturing staff with upgrading the entrepreneurship courses in the curriculum.

More information on website Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Read more...

Launch Café

Project period: 2011 – current

In 2012 I co-founded the award winning startup center Launch Cafe. Located in the city center of Groningen (Netherlands) Launch Cafe facilitates over 20 innovative startups annually. Launch Cafe offers top notch facilities, organizes network events, provides training programs and runs a pre seed investment fund.

More info on website of Launch Cafe.

Tvilight BV

Project period: 2012 – 2013

In 2012 I joined the founding team of Tvilight and assisted in the development of the business strategy. In cooperation with corporate investment expert Wim Heijting we successfully closed a significant series A investment in April 2013. Tvilight is a perfect example of a fast growing tech-company. In 18 months time Tvilight transformed from a one-man-idea to an international company employing over 25 people. Read more...

North West University (South Africa)

Project period: 2010 – current

As a consultant (commissioned by the Dutch organization CINOP International) I assist the faculty board of the North West University in Vanderbijlpark (South Africa) in the development of an incubator facility. As a guest lecturer I am also developing entrepreneurship programs and coach students with a starting business.

I visit the North West University three times a year. Read more...

Silicon Valley

Project period: 2011 – current

Silicon Valley is considered as the world’s leading hotspot for IT and entrepreneurship. Since 2009 I visit Silicon Valley every year to get inspired and to enhance my network. In the fall of 2011 I stayed in Silicon Valley for three months to study the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the differences with the Netherlands. This study was supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Dutch Consulate in San Francisco. Read more...

Bake for Life Foundation (Uganda)

Project period: 2012 – current

In May 2012 I visited Uganda to review the KISS project for the Bake for Life Foundation. The KISS program empowers women from rural areas to run a small scale bakery. The support program offers education, entrepreneurial skills, bakery facilities and micro credit.

More information on the website of the Bake for Life Foundation and my blog posts. Read more...

Other projects

Below a list of other projects I worked on since 2003 (details will be described soon..).

Consultancy projects:
– YEAH! Mediacentrale
– Incubator Assensor
– Incubator Emmen
– Internet Valley
– Search Engine Delta

– Edesya
– Netwiz
– Mijnnieuws
– I-See TV

– University of Parakoe (Benin)
– Tanzanian Public Service College (Tanzania)
– Group Study Exchange Rotary International (India)
– Juvenile Prison Cusco (Peru)