Setting up a business is great, but also a huge challenge. I know this from personal experience. The entrepreneur needs to be a Jack of all trades. The product needs to be built, the market needs to be explored, customers need to be attracted and investors need to be convinced. It is a rarity that the founder is qualified to do all this by himself. Most startups are a team effort, a small group of ambitious and committed people working on a common goal.

I was/am involved in a number of startups as co-founder, advisor and investor and I have vast experience in building new businesses including strategy development, organization management and finance. Startup teams looking for my expertise can always contact me.

A high potential startup excels in three things: innovative product/service, serious market opportunity and committed team. Because I believe in the startups I work I am also sharing the risk with the founders. I do not need to be (fully) paid for my services. I usually work on no cure no pay basis or for options/shares. I call this co-entrepreneurship.

Startups I am/was involved in:

– Edesya;
– Netwiz;
– Mijnnieuws;
– I-See TV;

Do you have an opportunity to share or just want to have a chat? Do not hesitate to contact me!