Economic development starts with entrepreneurship. Without entrepreneurs there are no jobs and there is no innovation. It is only logical that a growing number of profit and non profits organizations are promoting entrepreneurship. Over the years I was involved in many (international) public and private entrepreneurship projects varying from entrepreneurship education, business incubators and acceleration programs. Practical experience and academic research enabled me to develop a great insight in the factors that determine the success and failures of these type of entrepreneurship programs.

My work includes the following:

– Scanning the entrepreneurial environment/ecosystem;
– Feasibility study of entrepreneurship support programs (such as facilities, coaching and funding);
– Implementation of entrepreneurship support programs;
– Evaluation of entrepreneurship support programs.

Consultancy projects I am/was responsible for:

Silicon Valley;
Launch Cafe;
North West University;
– YEAH! Mediacentrale;
– Incubator Assensor;
– Incubator Emmen;
– Internet Valley;
– Search Engine Delta;

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