Startup Support

I am/was involved in a number of startups as co-founder, advisor and investor and followed the career of hundreds of entrepreneurs. Practical experience and academic research enabled me to develop great insight in the factors that determine the success and failures of setting up and running a business. I share this valuable knowledge on a daily basis with colleague entrepreneurs.

A great idea is not yet a high potential business. Setting up a new business involves two stages: (1) search and (2) execution ( The search phase is focussed on finding the right business model. In other words: “How can I make money from my idea?” The execution phase involves the realization of the business model. In other words: “What do I need to do to make my business model work?”.

Setting up a new business often involves the need for capital. Capital comes from different sources such as family/friends/fools, banks, subsidies and external investors. Each type of capital has a certain impact on the business and should be considered carefully.

My work includes the following:

– Development of the business model and business strategy;
– Development of the business planning;
– Development of the investment plan;
– Scanning investment opportunities such as loans, subsidies and equity;
– Approach investors and negotiate the investment terms;
– Building the organization and manage the operations.

Startups I am/was involved in:

– Edesya;
– Netwiz;
– Mijnnieuws;
– I-See TV;

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