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Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle in Silicon Valley

Posted by Niek Huizenga on November 16, 2011

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At this moment of writing this blog I’m waiting for the good old KLM606 flight to bring me back to the Netherlands, where it is wet and cold… Talking about the weather. There may be a positive relation between the weather climate and the business climate. Many SV entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed mentioned the positive effects of 25 degrees and sunshine all year round. Read more...

Starting and growing firms

Posted by Niek Huizenga on October 5, 2011

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I’m in Silicon Valley for two and a half weeks now. While I’m writing this blog in a coffee shop in Cupertino, people right and left from me are talking about setting up a new business. Life in Silicon Valley is all about startups, innovation and business. I like it here.

In this blog I’m going to discuss one of the topics of my research: the importance of growing firms and the relevance of the number of starting firms. Read more...

Research in Silicon Valley on IT startups and growth

Posted by Niek Huizenga on September 22, 2011

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For the coming six weeks I’m going to work on a research project in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is renown for its IT innovations and the high number of entrepreneurs. Almost all famous and successful IT companies are founded and located on a strip of 50 km stretching form San Francisco to San Jose.

The name Silicon Valley comes from the early semiconductor industry that was concentrated in this area in the seventies. Read more...

Incubators in Silicon Valley

Posted by Niek Huizenga on September 14, 2010

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Today we’ve visited the largest and one of the most successful business incubators in Silicon Valley: Plug ’n Play Center.

PnP is founded five years ago by and is known as the colloseum for startups. The entrepreneurs are gladiators and as in the old Rome most of the gladiators die but some will gain eternal fame. Success is the driver of this incubator and its entrepreneurs. Read more...

Company visits Silicon Valley

Posted by Niek Huizenga on September 11, 2010

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On September 7th I went for a study trip to Silicon Valley with 6 entrepreneurs from Groningen and Drenthe and a group of twenty entrepreneurs from the incubators YES! Delft, UtrechtInc and Kennispark Twente. This study trip was about connecting to the Silicon Valley network; to learn more about doing business in the USA; and above all: get inspired.

Before I make my full report on all the facets of the study trip I am writing this post about the company visits of today (Friday 10th September). Read more...